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Manchester City Council

Local Authority Construction Workshop

How to gain cost savings in collaboratives and partnerships
through the use of e-technology

This Workshop was held on Monday 2nd July in Manchester Town Hall


This one-day workshop was held as part of a National e-Procurement Project dissemination program to consider the latest research and consider examples of the use of e-procurement technologies to improve efficiency and drive out cost in local government collaborative construction.

The event, which was free to delegates, was hosted by Manchester City Council and supported by the Construction Confederation, Construction Excellence, Constructionline and Valueworks, managers of the GMProcure social housing group.

It was attended by 28 delegates, representing 20 organisations from across the supply chain, including local authorities and OGC, housing associations, private sector contractors and e-procurement service providers.

Workshop Papers (Click on files to download them)

  1. Report on Workshop
  2. The status of collaboration and partnerships in local authority construction - Neil Jarrett, Construction Excellence
  3. The 30% cost savings opportunity: key messages from the new NePP Desktop Guide to e-Procurement in Local Authority Construction - Peter Duschinsky, The Imaginist Company
  4. Partnership Working Case Study: Manchester City Council - John Lorimer, Director, Capital Programme Division
  5. Highways Partnership Case Study: Cambridgeshire Highways Partnership - Chris Capps, Head of Transport Asset Management, Cambridgeshire County Council & David Cox, Contract Director, Atkins Cambridgeshire Highways
  6. Social Housing Case study: GM Procure - Mike Brogan, Harvest Housing and CEO of GMProcure & Jeff Dandridge, CEO, Valueworks
  7. Kier Sheffield Mobile Data: Benefits and Efficiencies through working together - Chris Hone, Service Manager, Kier Support Services
  8. The role of pre-qualification within e-procurement - Matt Kearsley, Constructionline:

If you want any further information about e-Procurement in Local Authority Construction, please contact us