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Here you will find a wealth of useful materials, all of which are freely available for you to download and use.

These include all the National e-Procurement Project materials that are published on the IDeA website - you may find it easier to find them here!

Please respect the normal rules if you republish or present the material in any form:

1.  Acknowledge Imaginist as your source

2.  Do not use any material that is clearly part of a client's project or programme (eg NePP) without our specific prior agreement

Thank you

If you know what you are looking for, search for the materials here:

WWW Imaginist.co.uk

Change Equation slidecasts

Slidecast 1: Introducing the Change Equation assessment process and the Project Complexity model

Slidecast 2: Assessing the organisation's capability gap and its impact on the project's ROI


Local Authority e-Procurement - published materials

e-Procurement in LA Construction - July 07 workshop report and presentations

NePP Desktop Guide to e-Contract Management - May 07

NePP Desktop Guide to Local Authority Construction - May 07

e-Procurement in local authority construction - NePP Conference Dec06 seminar slides

e-Contract Management Systems - NePP Conference Dec06 seminar slides

e-Procurement in London - report based on review of 24 boroughs and workshop discussion (07/2006)

Sustainable, Joined-up e-Procurement - Presentation to Comensura seminar (06/2006)

Supplier Portals Market Review:Current Status Report - Review for NePP (05/2006):

e-Procurement and SMEs: Opportunity or Threat? NePP Expo presentation (incl latest national supplier analysis statistics) (04/2006)

Results of national supplier adoption survey - NePP Expo presentation (04/2006)

Evalue - a comprehensive new range of procurement and e-procurement services (06/2005)

Benefits Realisation article (02/2005)

'i before e' report - Collaborative Forward Planning in Construction (04/2005)

e-Procurement in Social Services - vendor-neutral model for agency staff management in Islington (07/2004)

NePP Supplier Adoption Guidelines (2004/5)

Introduction, guideline, slide presentation and checklist - start here!

Key questions and answers

Detailed guidelines

Exemplar materials

Case studies


Business Online (fomerly KickStart)

Introduction to Business Online - presentation slides for Newham SMEs - April 07

What is e-procurement and what should you do about it? Business Online presentation - May 07

Newham KickStart final report (04/06)

KickStart in West Cumbria - pilot workshop, including presentation slides (03/2006)

Meeting with Stephen Timms: London SMEs and Local Authority e-Procurement: Risk and Opportunity (13/09/05)
(includes links to The EastLondonOnline portal, case studies and articles)

What the KickStart project offers suppliers

Corporate Sector and Guides for Small Companies

Selling to the Public Sector (article)

Six key questions - a guide to buying e-Technology

How to maximise your use of technology for business growth (article)

by Peter Duschinsky and Alan Rae

Effective use of IT - workshop for ELBP (slides)

by Peter Duschinsky and Alan Rae