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Adding value to small companies: Imaginist principles at work

Imaginist works regularly with several entrepreneur clients. Typical profiles:

Online web services: this client runs a number of websites and uses Imaginist regularly to help him prioritise the most valuable and practical ideas for new sites and services.

Health clinic: this client is working through a transition that many entrepreneurs have to cope with if they wish to grow. She and her business partner set up the clinic to work with people suffering from stress. Now the company has grown, they need to put in place some management systems and devolve work to others. That calls for a change from 'just do it' to 'plan > implement > review' and the adoption of a more managerial role.

Serial Entrepreneur: this client runs an events business but really wants to use his time following up the many ideas he has for new and innovative products and services. Having taken his ideas through the Imaginist ideas filtering framework, he is now focusing his attention on two which can be progressed while he is still involved in the existing business and that will create the capital to allow him to move forward.

Architect: this Austrian client is fed up working all the hours to bring in enough work to keep his 2 offices and 7 staff happy. He really wants to focus on cutting edge design and international projects. So he has a big challenge and several difficult questions to answer. He came to Imaginist because he felt stuck and unable to see the way forward. We have been working together for a few months and he now has a plan, a timetable and the confidence to achieve his goals.

Estate Agent: this small company saw the need to move their lettings business online. An initial session revealed some specific opportunities for improving the original offering and a new and innovative approach has now been implemented.

Storage company: this partnership was foundering - one partner wanted to grow the business, the other was happy to stay as they were. In fact he really wanted to run the 'back office' using modern technology that would allow him to do it from anywhere in the world, so he could go travelling! The problem was they couldn't talk to each other about the future without a row breaking out. Imaginist's role in this case was to act as intermediary, negotiating a way forward that satisfied both of them.

Designer: this highly creative designer had many years of ideas that she wanted to bring to market, but was being held up by the need for some basic analysis and planning, some injection of marketing and sales expertise, but mostly, her own lack of self-belief. After working together for a couple of months, the client has adopted a framework for planning and is developing the first product.

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