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The Imaginist Principles

Imaginist adds value at the three key stages in any project:

Imagine it

Imagine it

Ideas generation and scoping - we help you to 'think outside the box', using dynamic and interactive techniques: brainstorming, lateral thinking, workshops.

Imagine it

Structure it

The best ideas are of no value unless they are prioritised and put into a structured strategic framework. We help you do this, using our Idea Filtering Framework, Corporate Imaginist Lab and other effective tools and techniques.

Make it happen

We work with you to arrive at a workable action plan and then help you to get started on implementing it. If required we can help you develop the project management and/or business plan you need to get others involved. We can also provide ongoing external project management skills to help you execute your plan. Make it happen!

We call it Imaginist - you can call it getting results.

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