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The National e-Procurement Project (October 2002 - March 2004) was funded by ODPM to provide guidance and support for Local Authorities in implementing e-Procurement.

The Supplier Adoption and Economic Development strand, led by The Imaginist Company, developed a comprehensive set of guidelines, exemplar materials and case studies to help Local Authorities understand the issues surrounding supplier adoption and the danger of excluding local SME suppliers.

These materials are published on the IDeA Knowledge website but we have also left them up on this site - it seems this is easier to navigate! - and we will continue to update and add to this rich pool of experience and know-how as the NePP programme is extended into 2004/5.

Links to published material

Introduction, guideline, slide presentation and checklist - start here!

Key questions and answers

Detailed guidelines

Exemplar materials

Case studies


You are welcome to access, download and make use of all the materials, which are provided in good faith, but neither The Imaginist Company nor ODPM can accept any liability consequent on reliance upon the information represented on this site.