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Detailed Guidelines


Detailed Guideline: Building a supplier-friendly marketplace
This guideline discusses the functionality that a council concerned about its suppliers might wish to include in specifying its e-marketplace solution. Includes a technical specification appendix
Detailed Guideline: Towards a unified approach to pre-qualification and accreditation
This guideline discusses the complex issue of pre-qualification and suggests a 'best practice' way forward
Detailed Guideline: Technical advances that will help suppliers
This guidelines focuses on supplier back-office integration - a technical capability that benefits suppliers as well as purchasers - and suggests how councils could use this in their e-procurement programme.
Detailed Guideline: A legal and policy framework
This guideline deals with the European Commission Treaty and EU and UK Regulations in relation to Public Sector purchasing. It indicates what you can do to encourage local suppliers within the legal and regulatory framework, with case study examples
Detailed Guideline: Towards a standard procurement classification for local government
This guideline, developed and issued by an independent consultant, recommends a 'best practice' approach for councils to standardise their product coding
Detailed Guideline: What is a supplier portal and what should it do?
This guideline distiguishes between Supplier Portals and passive Selling to the Council web pages, and recommends a 'best practice' approach
Discussion Paper: Automating Supplier Relationship Management Processes
Why automated processes for supplier pre-qualification, selection, performance assessment and feedback need to be incorporated into e-procurement systems.
Supplier Relationship Management
Presentation to SPAG 15 Jan 04 on SRM automation


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