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The National e-Procurement Project

Supplier Adoption and Economic Development

Exemplar Materials

This section contains all the examplar materials collected as part of the NePP

Purchase Portfolio Analysis - Kraljic matrix illustration (IDeA)
Integrated communications plan
Sample letters to suppliers
Examples of 'How to Trade with us' website
Supplier assessment request and input forms
Statement of requirement for supplier analysis and impact assessment
Strand 5 slides from the July workshops
Suppliers Guide
Coventry's supplier data collection letter
Coventry's supplier data collection form
Haringey's Trade Local letter
Haringey's Trade Local form
Haringey's Trade Local FAQ web pages
How To Do Business With Thurrock Council
Norfolk's How to Trade with us web page
Collaborative Strategies in Support of SME Inclusion - Action Planning Meetings
Powerpoint slides from the South West and East of England meetings