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The National e-Procurement Project

Supplier Adoption and Economic Development

Key Questions and Answers


KEY QUESTION 1: Why is Supplier Adoption important and where do I start?
This identifies how and where Supplier Adoption fits in the e-procurement process and offers some principles to follow for succesful Supplier Adoption
KEY QUESTION 2: What will make e-procurement attractive to my suppliers?
How to maximise the incentives and mimise the barriers for your suppliers
KEY QUESTION 3: How can I get suppliers to commit to e-procurement?
A guide to how to manage your communication with your suppliers
KEY QUESTION 4: How can I take into account Best Value in its wider sense?
Explains how to understand Best Value in terms of sustainability of the local economy and what to do to ensure an e-procurement strategy that is joined up to your Community Plan
KEY QUESTION 5: How can I bring on other sources of funding to help with my Supplier Adoption agenda?
One of the most frequent concerns is finding resources. While we can't wave a magic wand, this paper suggest where to look for funding to support your Supplier Adoption programme
KEY QUESTION 6: How can I collaborate with other partners to boost my supplier engagement programme?
Offers models of partnership approaches for supplier engagement. Working with one or more agencies will help to ensure successful Supplier Adoption
KEY QUESTION 7: What are the issues around coding and classification when embarking on an e-procurement programme?
Looks at coding and classification from both the buyer's and supplier's perspective


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